Saturday, June 5, 2010

EASY RHB- Personal Loan, Loan ASB

Personal Loan For ASB savings

(From RM10K up to RM100K)

Easy-ASB - ASB Financing
Invest for your future the easy way. Enjoy low monthly installments for the 1st five years when you invest in Amanah Saham Bumiputera (ASB) units. No upfront payment needed. To apply just flash your MyKad.
Unique features:
  • No documentations required
  • On-the-spot approval and disbursement in less than 10 minutes
  • Interest only repayment for first 5 years
  • Low initial monthly installment amounts from less than RM65 per month
  • Full principal and interest repayment for the subsequent 5 to 20 years
  • Attractive annual dividends and return on your investments
  • Get the Easy Visa Debit Card with the approved loan
  • Convenient monthly repayment through standing instruction
  • Earn 1 lucky draw entry with approved loan
Info: - can quit loan after 3years without any charges
ASB EASY RHB: Example for loan RM100k , monthly = RM429 (for 1st 5years) Dividend PNB: 7%(lowest) - last year 2009 8.55%+bonus
BLR: 5.8% (BLR BNM) – 1% interest bank: 4.8%
100k x 7%: Rm7000 (per year)
Loan 1st year : RM429 x 12: Rm5148
RM7000 – Rm5148 = RM1852(net. profit)
RM100k x 7%: RM7000
dividend 1st year: RM107000 (100k+7000)
RM107000 x 7%: RM7490
dividend 2nd year: RM114980(107000+7490)
RM114980 x 7%: RM8049
dividend 3rd year: RM123029(114980+8049)
RM123029x 7%: RM8612
dividend 4th year: RM 131641(123029+8612)
RM131641 x 7%: RM 9215
dividend 5th year: RM 140856(123029+9215)
After 5years, ASB account = RM140,856
redraw to bank after 5years, RM140,856 - RM100K = RM40,856 #
**Easy loan registeration, only bring MyKad and ASB Account number**

Other simple way:

1st year dividend: RM7000 Yearly paid: RM5148 (RM429 x 12) net.profit: RM1852
2nd year dividend: RM7000 >>covered by 1st year dividend<<>RM1852
3rd year dividend: RM7000 >>covered by 2nd year dividend<<>RM1852
4th year dividend: RM7000 >>cover by 3rd year dividen<<>RM1852
5th year dividend: RM7000 >>quit loan----no charge<<>RM7000